Save money on your next vacation

Save money on your next vacation

Like us, most people we know comprise travel high on their priority list annually, as they wish to break free from life’s patterns and make precious memories. But most individuals do not have money trees growing in their back yards, if you do, what is your address??

Another common question that comes up a lot is how can we get out of debt so that we can travel more? Unfortunately, we have been there also, and it is not a beautiful place to be. Thanks to our friend Jeremy Branham that challenge has been discussed here with some fantastic insights.

Such a simple tip, I understand, but easy is always right. Visit museums or tourist sites on free days or when they’re discounted. Before you go anywhere, ensure to look on their website to discover if they provide free visiting hours or reductions.

This is the way we travel. It may go a long way to useful information, friendship and just a discount. An excellent ice-breaker is to request instructions or straightforward advice (where is a fantastic restaurant?).

We LOVE slow travelling. Rather than hurrying from one end of a nation to another, or halfway through 6 states in 6 months, get to know a region well. Undertaking too many flights, bus excursions, train journeys and driving long distances can eat into your budget. So slow down, take more in, and find all the cool free stuff. (It is also one of our travelling manifesto must.)

Fix Your Times for Flying

Flying at unpopular hours, like the red-eye or early in the AM increases your chance of getting discounted flights.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the least expensive times and attempt to avoid holiday periods.

Go Straight to the Airline Site
As soon as you’ve looked at all of the flight search sites and found the lowest price, as a final resort go direct to that airline’s site. Lots of the airlines have lower fares which you can only get when you book online at their website or purchase an e-ticket.

Combine a Frequent Flyer Program

Earn points towards cheaper fares, updates, and free companion tickets. It could take some time to accumulate points, but they can pay off big time.

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