Fun activities for school holidays in Melbourne

Fun activities for school holidays in Melbourne

Have you already started thinking about the children whinging that they are bored on the first day of the holidays?

Here are a few fun activities that will help to keep the kids entertained throughout the holidays.

Hold a cupcake decorating contest

Decorating cookies and cupcakes are a great way to keep the kids busy for hours, not to mention you already have afternoon tea sorted out. Let the kids help bake the cookies and cupcakes and give them a few different icing colours, and a few bowls of lollies and sprinkles. Then sit back and relax and see what creations they make. You can make a contest where each child can choose their favourite design, and you can then judge a winner. Baking and decorating is an excellent entertainment idea for when your kids have friends over.

Movie marathon

If you are dealing with a rainy day and kids that are bored, why not have a movie marathon day. You can choose different movie series that the kids like. Let each child pick a movie they want to watch and get the kids to help make some fresh popcorn to share.

A fashion parade

You can let the kids go wild in your wardrobe and put on a fashion parade. Let the kids organise the fashion parade, design tickets to the show and pick some music. Get a camera or use your phone and get the kids to pose in funny outfits. They can then put the pictures into a scrapbook. This idea kills two birds with one stone when you want to clean out the kid’s wardrobes. Get them to try on their clothes and take pictures while you take note of the clothes that fit and those that don’t.

Make your kitchen table into a cubby house

Let the kids have a few sheets or tablecloths, and they can create their own little cubby house. Throw in a few cushions and their favourite books or colouring books, and they can have fun in their creation. You could even have a picnic lunch under the table.

Get out of the house

Try and get out of the house as much as you can. Nowadays, many kids are glued to their devices like phones, laptops and iPads. Get out of the house and go to an adventure park in Victoria or drive along the Great Ocean Road and have a picnic. It doesn’t have to be expensive to go out. Take a walk or go to some of Melbourne’s fabulous gardens.

Have a craft making day

There is plenty of imagination to be unleashed when it comes to kid’s craft. The best thing about kid’s art is you can use simple items like coloured paper, scissors, sticky tape and objects around the home like foil, boxes and leaves or sticks. Let the kids go for a walk and collect some flowers or rocks and leaves and let them create something to keep. Craft days can work for children of all different ages. Small children can have homemade finger paint or playdough, and the older kids can gather different items around the home to create a piece of art.

Create a herb garden

Herbs are not difficult to grow, and the kids will love creating and tending to their garden. Herbs such as rocket and cress start sprouting within two days. These are an excellent choice and work well for impatient children.

Do something out of your comfort zone

Why don’t you try something new and exciting that you wouldn’t usually do? Try an Otway treetop adventure with the whole family. Doing this will give the family something to look forward to, including yourself!

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