Is Deck Rejuvenation Really Necessary

Is Deck Rejuvenation Really Necessary

If you think that your deck is beyond repair, maybe it is time to completely rebuild instead of just replacing parts. Whether or not it is necessary to repair or replace the deck depends on how old, what material, and how much damage has occurred. Knowing your deck’s materials and age may provide you with a better sense of whether or not you need to replace the deck altogether or just repair it.

When you are starting, it can be difficult to determine if you can repair your deck’s problems or whether you should replace it altogether. Either way, it is best to be certain of what you are dealing with — and if a new deck is going to be necessary.

You will have to make timber deck restoration your priority. You do not necessarily have to refinish or restore your deck every year, but you do want to keep an eye on how your deck is doing so that you can re-do this as needed. Depending on how heavily you use the deck, you may have to repeat the process every couple of years. If you are using a semi-transparent stain, you will likely have to refinish the deck every two or three years.

If your deck is really old or has been refinished more than once, you will likely need to sand it. If your wood deck is older or damaged, you might have to apply a full-colour stain. If a wood stain is applied in solid colours, then you will have to expect to have your deck looking great in about ten years. If you are going to stain your deck, smooth out the surface before doing so that the wood will better absorb the coating.

If you have significant amounts of older products on the deck, you might need to apply a stain/paint stripper. Simply stain your old wood deck with thick, acrylic deck repair paint, this will give a smooth finish that lasts years. If your wooden deck is just a few years old, maybe just a thorough cleaning and a new, hand-brushed coat of stain will restore it to its previous splendour. Even when staining or sealing a wood deck, the boards may still be cracked and chipped, making your deck appear older and more worn.

There is no way to test if it is time to paint or stain your wood deck, as deck coverings look good for quite some time, even when the wood is too damp.

As we mentioned earlier, restoring a wooden deck to its like-new quality can be an easy or challenging process, depending on its condition now. However, if your deck has been neglected over an extended period, it might need an all-out restoration treatment. Small repairs to the deck, like filling holes and cracks or staining the boards, maybe DIY weekend projects, while homeowners will want to hire a professional for larger repairs or replacements.

While more expensive, a contractor will have more expertise in repairing the deck in light of your problems. A professional deck builder can take a look at your deck and provide you with an estimate on how much it costs to repair your deck as opposed to replacing it. Getting a quote from a deck installer can help you decide whether it makes more sense to repair or replace components on the deck, or install a new deck.

Turn to a knowledgeable, trustworthy deck contractor for tips about whether you should repair or replace your deck, as well as how best to maintain its good condition. If you have any relevant questions regarding your deck’s safety or need expertise in fixing damage or excess wear, contact a professional who can evaluate your deck’s condition. Our deck experts will alleviate your concerns and correctly evaluate any issues, like soft or rotten wood, and then perform necessary repairs.

Many factors contribute to deck wear, from termite damage to rot in wood, so you must perform regular repairs to keep your deck secure. If your deck is an older, or traditional, wood deck, wood will chip or split due to constant exposure to elements, damage by insects or termites, or constant stress over the years. If your deck is not re-staining regularly, the wood will start to degrade.

In any case, damp wood can stop the stain or sealer from penetrating the wood, so be sure you allow plenty of time before you finish your deck restoration. A deck rejuvenation project such as this one could be completed in just two days, but you are better off spreading out the work over two weekends so that your wood is fully dry before applying the stain. Rebuilding or refurbishing your deck can be expensive, so keep up with routine maintenance tasks to make sure you do not need to schedule a big build more than once.

Like any home appliance, eventually, your deck needs some repairs to maintain its aesthetic appeal. A problem deck might just need some simple repairs, or maybe it is pretty old and was not built according to the most up-to-date safety codes. One of the more common types of deck problems, sometimes your deck simply needs some TLC to make the wood feel fresh, new, and bright once more. You can revitalize an existing deck by applying deck stain repair products.

Before you decide what you are going to do to your deck, you have to read up on what that wood will take. Rotted, weakened wood, and you are going to want to have at least a few sections of new lumber (or a *non-wood deck*) may be necessary, and you will want to have a few experts to provide you with free estimates. Or, an expert can give you a time frame on how long will my deck last until it’s time to tear it down and build a replacement.

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