How to Care For Your Hair and Nails When You Are Traveling

How to Care For Your Hair and Nails When You Are Traveling

Do you need some beauty tips to nourish your blow wave curls and beautiful manicure when travelling? Generally, maintaining an impressive appearance is time-consuming, especially if you use different skincare routines morning and night. It might be worth the effort in this list, as these tips can keep both your hair and nails in good condition for about a month (during holiday times!). While you try to minimize the rigours of travelling, I can share some easy makeup tips: 

My Best Nail Care Tips for You

I recommend keeping a small nail kit set with you at all times. Make sure it has nail clippers, remover pads, nail polish, a file and a small bottle of disinfectant. Since these tools are small, it’s better to keep the kit in the handbag. These beauty tips will help you, trust me…

Carry a Manicure Kit That Has a Zip

A nail care kit with zips can help keep the little accessories intact. It’s important to avoid injuries from unsterilized grooming tools. Usually, these nail-grooming accessories are thin and sharp, so the zip can keep objects like nail scissors from hurting your fingers or skin. Also, it’s easy to notice a tear on lightweight nail kits. They are often handy packs, but kits with sharp tools shouldn’t be kept in the external pocket of a backpack. Make sure you can get it through airport security too. Safety first, girls! 

Use a Gel Manicure

With a gel manicure, you can maintain the texture of your nails for a longer period of time. Usually, the top layer is more hardened with colourful coats. When you paint your nails without a gel, the paint might chip. Water and hard surfaces have low effects on hard surfaces of nail coats. However, a spread of gel manicures can improve the strength of the nail coat. It’s often time-consuming to redo nails. When you travel, it might not be a good time to waste your attention on polishing nails, so get it done before you leave for your holiday.

You’ll need a Metallic Polish

Adding some bits of glitter to your nails can attract envious looks of fellow travellers. Apart from the shine, a metallic nail-polish also prevents the nails from chipping. When you might get a cheaper metallic polish with high quality, it’s better than a nail gel. You can apply different styles of coats and colours with metallic polish. While neutral colours are cool, gold and silver are go-to colours.

How to Keep a Bag of Grooming Tools?

Pocket-friendly manicures set bags are handy to bring on a trip. Keep a pack of your favourite nail polish, short clippers and files. It’s easy to reach fit these small manicure kits in your luggage, too. Usually, nail care products and kits don’t add a lot of extra weight to your handbag.

Hair Care Tips

  • Moisturizer is Important

Apply some moisturizing conditioner to your hair the night before you travel. An intense moisturizer boosts the skin’s hydration level. Especially when you are traveling on a sunny day, your scalp needs to absorb some nutrients. Additionally, moisturizers help maintain the shine and smells great.

  • Avoid Greasy Hair

Naturally, hair conditioner products congeal when they stay in cold water. Wash your hair with warm water a day before travelling, and don’t use cold water. With warm water, it’s easy to take the conditioner’s grease out of your hair. Also, warm water doesn’t need the pressure to remove the last traces of hair conditioner. Use your hands to scrub the scalp and rinse properly. Also, don’t check into hotel rooms without hot water.

  • Untangle You Hair and Brush Regularly

It’s embarrassing to struggle with knots when you brush your hair. While some ladies go three consecutive days without washing their hair, others comb regularly. Brush your hair from top to bottom regularly. It reduces the risk of damages by tangled stands. While brushing through the knots the hair might snap. If they break in halves, it could cause hair loss.

Practical Ideas