Why Are Cuban Cigars So Expensive?

Why Are Cuban Cigars So Expensive?

When people mention cigars, the first thing that many people think of is Cuban cigars. Smokers often compare Cuban cigars to the Rolls Royce of cigars, and people who smoke them are more likely rich. So why are Cuban cigars so expensive? Cuban cigars have always been popular among cigar consumers around the world because of the special soil and other natural conditions on the island, and the fermentation process that has been passed down over a long time. It’s also about their process, as the best cigars in Cuba are all hand-rolled. 

A class above the rest

Because of the richness, dryness, and the authenticity of cigars, and the complex manufacturing and maintenance procedures, it is also determined that people who smoke cigars are generally a class that loves and knows how to enjoy smoking. These characteristics of cigars determine the preservation value of cigars. The prices of classic types that are from good brands even rise in price over time, and six-figure cigars have been emerging in auctions. Cuban cigars are very expensive because the selected tobacco leaves are rare, as the aging time of the tobacco leaves is longer, and the filler with these leaves will be richer. Cuba launched the world’s most expensive cigars for US$18,860. Only a few people know what the world’s most expensive cigars taste like. 

Raw Materials

It is recognized that the purest cigar tobacco leaves are produced in Havana, Cuba. Only the fertile red soil rich in various organic matter and trace elements and the humid, mild, balanced, and stable island climate can produce the best tobacco in the world. Cigars are pure natural tobacco products that are rolled from raw tobacco leaves that have been dried, fermented, and aged. According to experts, only the fertile red soil of Cuba can produce the best tobacco in the world, and the hand-made cigars from Cuba are the best in the world. The ultimate flavor of Cuban cigars is derived from specially made by the craftsmanship.

The Unique Mixing Method

To allow people to enjoy the cigar, there is a hole for the vapor to cross through. The center of the Cuban cigar is manually torn by hand. The tobacco skins are split into two sections vertically, and then the gist is made. This is the unique skill used in hand-made Cuban cigars. The core of Cuban cigars is made of three types of tobacco leaves, namely LIGERO, SEGO, and VOLADO. After mixing in different proportions, they form the brand’s unique flavor. The workers in the tobacco factory need to make about 100 cigars every day. Through multiple processes and selections, they are finally packed and put on the market.

Cigar Parts

  • WRAPPER – the outermost tobacco leaf of a cigar.
  • BINDER – Tobacco with fixed core position.
  • FILLER – The tobacco leaf in the center of the cigar is the main material.

Transportation And Taxation

The cigars packaged from the factory in Havana are typically shipped out, passing through Suez and Panama, and even detouring the Cape of Good Hope, unloading Malacca. The cost of this waterway is included in each cigar. Tobacco is heavily taxed in many countries, and cigars from Cuba have high tariffs on top of the heavy taxes. Cuban cigars use local tobacco, which has a special title in the cigar category called “Puro”, which reflects Cuba’s pride in the quality of its cigars. Cuba is the country of cigars. Cigars are the most important economic product of Cuba. A good Cuban cigar can be sold for nearly RMB 300. This is not a collection of vintages, but a luxury in the tobacco industry.

How Expensive Are Cuban Cigars?

The price of a Cuban cigar varies, depending on which brand you buy, and whether you purchase them from a cigar shop or online. There are many brands sold locally in Cuba, such as Cohiba, Romeo, and Juliet, and Guantanamera. It is probably the Romeo and Juliet, or Punch, that is the most famous and the Havana cigars and is celebrated by the Cuban cigar industry. These are indeed a good choice for novices. The most expensive cigars are priced somewhere around US$471 each and US$18,860 per box. At these prices, it’s fair to say that only a few people know what the most expensive cigars in the world taste like!

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