Why a trip to Canada should be your next destination

Why a trip to Canada should be your next destination

The second biggest country in the world, Canada’s broad borders encompass beautiful, flourishing cities, wild organic landscapes, abundant wildlife and a massive range of characters and cultures. Canada has something for everyone, all wrapped up in a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a combination of French, British, American and native traditions.

It is fun and stylish with abundant markets, boutique shops and restaurants, yet it is only a brief drive from among the world’s great natural wonders, the mighty Niagara Falls. To get a flavour of Gallic civilisation, French-speaking Montreal Founded in the background with its Colonial mansions and gothic churches. Then there is ultra-cool Vancouver – despite its damp, misty weather, this town has a sunny disposition — supremely laidback and packed with attractions that will keep the household mesmerised for ages. If skiing and boarding are more your speed, the gorgeous resorts of Whistler, Banff and Fernie can provide a family snow vacation that is surprisingly cheap and the perfect escape from the hot Australian summer.

Canada’s capital and the fourth-largest city is Ottawa, a pleasant if not particularly new town on the southern shore of the Ottawa River on Canada’s eastern tip. While it is not always on every tourist’s must-see list, it does have its fair share of impressive buildings and museums and is a fantastic base for sightseeing, fishing and rafting trips on the scenic Ottawa River.

Where is it, and how can I get there? Canada occupies most of northern North America, extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Canada shares its boundaries with the US to the south and the US state of Canada to the shore. The long haul flight from Australia includes at least one stopover, usually on the US mainland and sometimes in Fiji or Hawaii. Be ready for jet lag!

A flight to someplace as far-flung as Toronto is among the longest flights you are ever likely to take to get a holiday. It can be particularly trying when you have got tired, restless children to contend with. Flights to Canada generally include one stopover, but you might think about breaking up the trip with a different stopover or staying overnight somewhere like Hawaii to divide the journey, reduce the effects of jetlag, get a fantastic night’s sleep and possibly even catch some rays (especially if you’re going to be in Canada in winter!). Try to reserve an overnight flight so that the kids can sleep for at least half of their journey, do not forget to bring toys and books on board for when they are awake and make sure you get up and stretch a few times during your flight to prevent cramping and deep vein thrombosis.